About Embodied Divinity

My name is Chioma Gathoga-Ogbuike. 

I am a first-generation Nigerian-Kenyan American, a queer Black woman, an herbalist, and an alchemist. 

Embodied Divinity is the manifestation of my alchemy, tutelage, and ancestral guidance. It's an affirmation. 

Long before I knew I was being called to this work, I found myself nurturing plants and then mixing herbs for baths and vaginal steams. Several years, an apprenticeship in The Art and Practice of Spiritual Herbalism (glory to Karen Rose and the Sacred Vibes community), and lots of practice later… Embodied Divinity birthed itself as something that I also needed but is so much bigger than me.

This is a space where tools, resources, and formulas lovingly bring us back to our whole self.